7 months according to her but a few months according to him?

My Bf has this crazy Ex who will do anything to contact him even though she is blocked from literally everything. According to her they were bf and gf for 7 months but he said they were only together a few months and they never dated.

Should I just leave this issue alone or confront him about it because she is still trying to come back in his life?


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  • Together a few months but never dated? How does that work?

    I'd be more inclined to believe her actually. She has less reason to lie than he does. He has an incentive to minimize the situation. Or perhaps, they both just have different definitions of "together."

    At any rate, it doesn't really matter how long they were together. If you trust him and he's not responding to her, then she can try all she wants and it won't matter. She's the past, you're his present. If however you're questioning your trust in him, and he is responding to her, then you have another problem on your hands. Your relationship wouldn't have worked out without the trust anyway.

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