Should I ask out a girl (friend) or ask for her number first?

Isn't asking for a girls number somewhat beating about the bush? If you do ask for her number isn't the presumption that you will then ask her out anyway, but by phone instead (cowardly).

Shouldn't i ask her out then ask for her number to organise the date?


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  • I would ask her first, if she wants to hang out with you, if she says yes, ask her number politely. and ask her calmly and respectfully, when you 2 are alone. give her all the space to be honest with you, i think she will have a lot of respect for you if you ask her face to face. maybe she will give you a no, or she needs to think about, or she says yes. be yourself, get your act together and simply ask her.


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  • Start with asking for her number (to text and stuff (; ) text her, wait a week or 2, then I would ask if she is availible after school to study. :)
    Good luck!

  • i would ask for her number first so you can start getting to know each other better before you ask her out. this will increase her chances of agreeing to go out with you because she will know you better and feel more comfortable. after talking for a few weeks casually ask her if she would want to hang out with you. do not use the words " go out with me" this will freak her out and she will get nervous and react by saying no. hangs outs are the way to go!


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