Does he just want to hook up?

I like this guy, but im not sure if he likes me. We'd seen each other at school all the time, but we never really did talk, (i didn't like him at tht point) and two weeks ago both of us went to laser tag with a group of people and then we went to town. Later when everyone else we got left alone and we hung out for like 45 mins until he had to leave. Tht night he texted me and he has been texting me ever since, he has asked to hang out many times and he even invited me to a party. We have hung out a couple of times and we text like all the time. He is being super sweet to me considering he is like a really confident guy, but im really really shy around guys, unless we are really close. Anyways, people are saying tht he just wants to hook up with me and others are saying tht he likes me AND other people are just saying tht im over understanding things. So what do u guys think?


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  • Congratulations! This guy likes you, thinks you're cute, and is interested in you. You have already exchanged lots of personal information, I bet, and so know each other reasonably well at this point. Go out with him, trust your intuition (but not your wishful thinking), and see what happens. He likes you and is waiting for your instructions on how you want him to behave towards you. I think you are in control here.

    • im not sure if im in control tho, he usually is the one in control, he is confident and im the shy one...

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