Whats the best date you have gone on?

My husband and I went to s super fancy restaurant, and had a blast! Even Hough we looked like idiots (we don't know how to be fancy) it was so much fun! We then strolled around downtown, and stopped In a pub for a beer and game of pool ( still in super fancy cloclothes) we were going to go for a drive in the mountains, but our vaby had other plans and my mother asked us to come home. All in all, it was a wonderful date! Can yours top mine?


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  • my favorite date (to date) wasn't anything overly expensive, just 4 small dates that kinda took up a whole evening, the first date i showed her (my current love) a slice of my past and how i lived through grade school. the second part of the date was a movie that she was obsessing over. i had gotten the tickets in advance so she would be even more surprised. after that we went back to my place and realized we were hyper from watching the movie so i got my satchel and packed some water, a towel, and a nibble for a hike/picnick type thing we walked to the hiking trail, walked the whole trail and then finally found a nice spot to sit and have a picnick. we ate a bit, then went home. on the way home we stopped by a fast food joint (it was a 13 mile walk home)


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  • It was with my mom to the movies, I tell you I don't think I could have picked a better girl. Mature, caring, unconditionally loving, and funny.

    I haven't gone on an actual date with a romantic interest around my age yet, : (


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