Gay/Bisexual men, do you prefer a manly or feminine man?

Simply for gay and bisexual men, what do you prefer?


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  • I'd say I'm, most days, about 85% straight, 15% gay.

    So, I guess it doesn't surprise that it's usually the slim, somewhat feminine guys that look more attractive to me.

    Strangely enough, vaguely androgynous elements, for me, are a turn on in either gender.

    • Would u say 105 pounds is slim for a guy? ^ _ ^

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    • Haha~, no way dude... ! I'm 5' 7½'' and I'm not emaciated (lol) whatsoever. Jessica Biel used to weigh the same in the past; no way u would describe her like that. o__O

    • In terms of BMI, (which I realize is flawed and innacurate) 105 lb at 5' 7" is definitely underweight. Perhaps "emaciated" is a bit strong, but my personal preference is for people in a more sort of slender, athletic realm. Just me, though.

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  • Wow you are so super attractive dangg you can probably get any guy. Heck, you can get any girl too. You are so cute awwwww. Dont worry you'll get any guy trust me


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  • I prefer the manly men. No surprises there, lol. ^ _ ^

    I'm bi, and even with girls I'm drawn to some masculine traits like height, muscles and a "boyish", take-charge personality. I don't dislike fem guys though like some gay guys seem to (which is sad :I ), rather, I see too much of myself in them. I would prefer a guy who's like a complete 180° from me. The tall, big, athletic guy who likes to dom is basically that guy, lol. That's (apparently) how my brain works. :P

  • I think it depends on whether I feel like being used or using. A pretty femboy that is all shaved up and hairless with a tight hole and a hungry mouth is great. Or a great stallion of a bull with enough meat to choke a horse is fucking awesome. What's the problem. Ass pussy, Cock, Pussy, it's all good. now go be a good slut and get some.

  • Depends on the guy. I am mostly attracted to the masculine types. However, I like cute twink types sometimes too.

  • Mostly the fem types. The stereotypical twinks can be attractive. I'd probably be versatile but mostly dominant with them, but sometimes I'd go the opposite way and want a more lean muscle type of build if I wanted to be completely submissive. All in a strictly sexual sense.