I love her what should I do?

I had this childhood friend who we both fell in love with at first sight. I was a child but I know I really loved her. Due to location difference we weren't able to see each other again. For about 4yrs I became single coz I have always been thinking of her. We got to meet again on Facebook and she was so happy we met. But lately, she doesn't text me unless I do and when I do she give short answers which terminates the conversation. I want her so bad please help me friends.


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  • Your username is soo funny to me aha. Anyways let her go... there's plenty more sea in the fish.

    • Fish in the sea I mean *facepalm*

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    • Aha what the hell dude, I'm trying to be deep here.

    • Not a bad idea tho I think so

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  • People always say theirs more fish in the sea , Which is true. But it's not the fish you want , If you think she's worth it. Go after her.

    • How else should I go after her I have done why I could. If something so dear to u is going allow it. If it comes back it's meant to be. If it doesn't it never was. That's what I'm thinking now

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  • she needs to know your true feelings i think.

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