Awkward moment on date?

Alright, This Guy asked me out recently I said yes. the first official date was us going to a giant park renting some awesome motor bikes and riding all over the place. Afterwards him and I went to a restaurant. I was wearing a low cut tank with a cover up and skinny jeans. I went to the bathroom to look in a mirror and I noticed that my tank had fallen during the bike ride and I'm pretty sure he saw my breasts. I quickly pulled my tank up and made sure it would stay. When I went back to our table he noticed I was kind of awkward. he asked what was wrong and I tried to play it cool being like "You totally saw my boobs didn't you?" jokingly. He just started laughing and didn't really respond if he did or not. then half way through eating I caught him totally looking back down my tank which had fallen a little bit again.
What am I suppose to say to this?

I'm 17 and he is 19


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  • Be confident and say you did see my breasts didn't you, and so did you like what you saw? He will either tell you yes so be to embarrassed and you will regain your control.


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