Whats the point of dating!!?

I want on a date with a guy last week an i liked the guy a lot but im a single mom an he has said he is unsure if he wants a child and that im the first single mom he has dated an that he dont like when guys date moms an they want a guy to become a dad. but my son doesn't have a dad an so isn't the point of dating is to find me a partener soneone to except my son as his own? He had no kids an i have expressed he is not ready but he argues he likes me and is ready. What shoud i do or say?

Im not just dating to find my son a dad but i want someone who will love us both my sons dad has never been around an dont plan to be he doesn't want him. So some day i would like him to have a man who can take him under his wing an love him.


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  • The whole point of dating is getting know someone you like. Its getting know each other. If you like each other, then you take it to the next level, which is a relationship. Dating is only the pre-relationships stages. you are finding out things about each other.

    Its quite simple if you don't like each other, then you move to tthe next person. Dating is all trail error. People take dating to seriously, it should just be fun, and getting know each other.

    • Its going to very hard for another man to love your son, like his own. You shouldn't dating for your son as well. The man you like, will take your son under his wing in time. You can't force something that, straight away. Date for yourself for the mean time, obviously your son is a priority, but don't force that man or boyfriend to love him straight away. Let their relationship takes it course naturally. It won't happen if your force it. Relationships should happen naturally, not forced.

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    • Sorry bringing another man into your son's life, will not make a difference to him ^^

    • Stop trying to make up for what your son lost out on, and thats a father loving him. That will be an impossible task for you. Instead just be the best mum you can be. That man that walked out you both, is not your fault or your son. At end of the day he doesn't deserve either you. His loss, on having a great family.

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  • You shouldn't date at all, even if it's only part of the reason to find him a dad. Find someone that you can make one another happy and let him decide if he can accept your child. Your chances are better if you date someone who has kids because they will understand that bond far better than any single person w/o children ever will.

    Still, if you date guys to "size them up" for fatherhood, you will get nowhere

  • If the only reason you're dating is to find someone to raise your kid than don't date.

  • Your son already has a father.


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