Should I or shouldn't i? What do you think?

For the past year I have been seeing a guy who I really like we get on well but have a few arguments silly ones and that's because of me but he always forgives me. When he drives down to see me it's a 200 mile drive for him but because we sent serious I like to stay at a hotel because I have a grown daughter and I don't want her to know and going to my home I'm not to sure about. He said we should go to my house instead and would like to meet my daughter he said we would have a laugh together and just to tell my daughter he's a friend , but I'm not sure about this , do you think I should? Or should I keep this private as we aren't serious , he says he cares about me and likes me a lot , this is a hard one , what should I do?

Sorry about some of the words have been switching my phone does this


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  • Well you been seeing each other for over a year and he drives for a long time to see you in a hotel and my guess would rather step up to the next level by meeting your daughter and being around a more conformable environment for you and himself instead of a hotel.

    If he really likes you and cares about you than he most likely just wants to further the relationship and after a year you should be willing to at least step it up even a bit. Because if he is actually looking for a serious relationship with you than he wants to meet your daughter and be able to start to actually get in a serious relationship and after a year I am sure many people would agree that's a good amount of time to get to know the guy and realize if he can be trusted around your children or not.

    For him to be able to go to your house and spend a day there along with your daughter that's him taking his next step into becoming a serious relationship far as I am aware. I would accept it if you believe he won't hurt your child and see how it goes or at least tell him you want to step up the relationship but not soo fast where he meets the daughter just yet but do other small steps if you are more comfortable with that.

    I just assume myself if I was in the situation and I was meeting a girl at a hotel for over a year and I actually wanted to be with her I'd get tired of the hotel business and want to actually go to a house to sleep at instead and allows her to be with her family so that I don't feel bad that I am keeping her away from her daughter.

    All in all it's up to you how you do this but you can either do it or take small steps towards it and see how his reactions are and see if he actually wants a serious relationship as I assume he does.

  • I'd tell him to get serious before meeting your daughter.

    But, it's plausible either way. But tell him straight up, no sexing at my house while my daughter is at home, esp. if you're going to pretend to just be my friend.


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