Ignoring someone you like?

This has probably been asked before, but does ignoring someone ever a good idea. What I mean is not contacting them at all.

So basically I've been dating this girl and had a talk about where this is potentially heading. She said she did not know if she wanted a relationship yet and feels like she should still casually date others and didn't want to stop me from dating other girls. I would have liked her to say yes I want to possibly take our rel to the next level, but she didn't which kind of stung a little bit. Now I never said that I would stop seeing her all together, but obviously I want no part of her if she is casually dating others.
We've always been in contact with each other at least 4-5 times a week for the past 3 months. After the talk about seeing where this relationship was going, I decided to stop contacting her completely. She sent me a text the other day and I didn't respond to it until many hours later. When she replied back I left it and did not reply.

The question now is should I just completely go cold for a period of time and see if she'll reach out to me? We get a long great and both really do like each other so I'm not 100% sure if that would be the right move. Will she just completely lose interest or will she wonder why I have stopped calling or texting her?

I don't know if this matters or not, but she is still in school full time and balancing work in between.


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  • It can work both ways really. I wouldn't loose interest if I had the interest to begin with if a guy ignored me. But if he left for too long then I might think he never liked me and move on and then you will have been too late. You can keep talking to her and you can become great friends and usually having a good friendship is a good foundation for a relationship. She has a lot on her plate and the fact that see keeps texting you seems like she enjoys having you as a friend. Unless she only want attention but I am assuming she already gets that from her other partners. Ultimately you don't want to ignore her forvever. It depends on how much you want from her. If it's nothing long term then you might as well end it if you don't just want to be 'just friends'.


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