What do you call an interracial dating between a Latino and an Asian?

Would you call it beans dipped in soy sauce? lol

For instance, I know a lot of people who refers to interracial dating between a Latino and a white girl as "beans and crackers".

I don't know about a Latino and a black girl though.


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  • I would call it a relationship. why add stereotypical connotations to it because one is latino and the other asian?

    • Just a simple joke to get a kick out of. It wasn't meant to be racist and offensive if that's what your first impression of it ts.

    • It was, but I didn't know if you were being "fo reals, fo reals" I can see it being funny.

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  • Noodle stuffed Burrito... for Asian latino
    Nachos and Soy Sauce...

    Latino Black,

    (i'm not being racist, i'm adopted and i'm black. my dad is from brazil and my mom is from south korea)


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  • Google Philippines. That should cover it.

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