Exclusively dating with very little communicating?

This guy & I have been exclusively dating for quite awhile now, let me say - three weeks. We go out & all but we don't really communicate, as in we don't talk THAT much when we're not together. I confronted him about this last night & he said he's just really busy.

Is this even worth a shot if we barely communicate?


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  • To be completely honest, NO guy is THAT busy that he can't take 2 seconds to send you a text seeing how things are going or whatever. How often do you and him see each other in a week? I would say maybe give it a couple weeks, and if he still doesn't talk to you much when you aren't together, I would say its a lost cause. If a guy really wants to talk to you, he will find time to talk to you, no matter how "busy" he is. Good luck hun, keep me updated.

    • We saw each other bout 2-3 times a week. But I stopped talking to him a week ago. I'm not really the type who can build a relationship without communication as a part of our foundation. But thanx for the advice (:

    • That's definitely a good choice. Because really you can't build a relationship without communication. I mean what would be the point? lol

      Well good luck on finding a guy that will actually communicate with you.

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