How to get her to stop playing so much?

My. Girlfriend plays around way too much. She funny and I love het but sometimes she takes it to far and becomes annoying. I've told her about this already. For example. I was taking a number one and she comes I to the bathroom and pushes me and I peed all over the floor. Another time she put saran wrap on the toilet and I went to "handle my business" I got a surprise. Please help


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  • Lol she's a hoot! Hahaha


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  • You're still both kids, act like it while you can. You'll miss it.


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  • Try peeing on her next time she comes into the bathroom. Or maybe give her a taste of her own medicine.

    • Try that, or do the same thing back to her! Although revenge is not always the wisest way that would be kind of funny. You sound young so I doubt it is anything serious and if it is you will both just gradually meet on common grounds.

    • Yea were both 16