Hey guys and girls, do you enjoy going to the movies for a date?

Rather another type of date? Or movies is perfect? Is it boring?


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  • Yup I love going to the movies my honey bun took me to see Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenagers Mutant Ninja Turtles a few weeks ago and they both were awesome (Those movies may not be in theaters anymore). Those both were his choices but tomorrow I'm gonna tell him I want to see No Good Deeds!

    • Thanks for your input.. What about for first dates? Would you like it?

    • On our first date we went to dinner first to talk it up then he took me to the movies. Even though we didn't talk during the movies we held hands plus the movies was so sad I started crying so I needed someone hand to hold (God that was so embarrassing to start crying like that on the first date)

    • going to the movies on a first date is great u can always show up early and start talking and getting to know each other.

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  • You can't get to know them with a movie. Maybe if we were already together and she really wanted to see a movie that came out, but nothing for the first few dates.

  • I think if you're comfortable with conversation and it just flows with you without excess, it's perfect. If you're not the type to talk often or much or about anything relevant, it's going to be a bore, especially on the first few dates with the same person.
    I personally love movies as a first date. Its like a go-to casual meet up.

    • I can agree with you.. i just think sometimes that sitting there for 2 hours doesn't really connects us.

      I guess we can always talk after the movie.. but its not the same..

    • Yeah that's the thing you need to evaluate, if she's a talker or not. If not, its all body language and motions from there. Its all down to personal preference in the end and being able to connect with someone.

  • Not a good way to communicate and get to know your date, unless you talk through the movie. For me, its boring.

    • I can tell by your profile pic that you got a lot on your mind.

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