Acting stupid to keep a girlfriend?

I'm an intellectual gifted teenager and i've always had problems with my girlfriends because of that. They had problems understanding me so i've been acting dumb in order to keep the flame on. The problem is that this has happened to me with EVERY girlfriend i've had and I'm tired of this. I also dated a very smart girl but saddly it was pretty much the same. I really don't know what to do. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If you need more information please don't hesitate to ask.


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  • You act dumb to keep a girl? Nah she isn't worth it, I would rather be smart and single than dumb and in relationship you have to fake it

    • yeah you're right thanks for the help :)

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  • Be yourself! If she can't be smart enough to keep up with you, than you should find someone else that likes you and your intelligence, not your stupidity, that isn't you.
    Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. :)
    Good luck!

  • If you can't be yourself around the one you love, the relationship isn't real. You'll find a girl, maybe not now, but eventually etc...


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  • I would say this is really normal. Most people think they are smarter than their partner. You don't believe me? Just listen to the way women typically talk about their boyfriends. Men risk looking stupid more often than girls, as we are a lot more likely to make the most stupid jokes in order to make the girl laugh. This is generally all the proof the girl needs to feel secure about her own intelligence. Women rarely make a joke that isn't at the man's expense. So you hear about men having this issue more than women, but it is a normal part of most relationships.

    Very few people want to feel stupid compared to the person they are dating, or to feel they are dating an idiot. A balance needs to be found. Anyone that tells you to be yourself doesn't know what they are talking about. We need to be careful about saying a lot of things we say to our partner, and saying something too cleaver, too often is no exception. Humans are full of insecurities and we need to be mindful of that, if we want others in our life.

    • You make a really good point thank you very much.

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