What to wear on a "walk in the park" type date?

I have a date this weekend with this girl. It's our second date, and we're supposed to go for a walk in this area of town for walking/biking - a sort of walking trail (not hiking - its all level). We were going to walk to a restaurant, eat lunch, and then walk back. The walk is just an excuse to be outside while the weather is nice and give us a chance to keep getting to know each other.

I feel a bit odd asking, but what's the right thing to wear? I've jogged on this area before and most people wear athletic clothing (because it's mostly runners/joggers/walkers/bikers/etc), but I don't know if I'd look too casual if I dressed down like that since we've only been out once. I also don't want to be overdressed... especially if she's dressed in athletic type clothes. The restaurant is casual so that won't really impact us. It's going to be pretty warm (maybe around 27 C or 80 F).

What do you think?


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  • Jeans and a short sleeve button down


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  • just wear a nice pair of jeans and a polo shirt and you'll be fine bro unless you guys are working out then athletic clothing would be a good idea

  • 27C? beautiful.
    Tank top, shorts and sandals. (if you lift)
    shirt, shorts and sandals. (If you don't lift)