I was seeing a guy now I think he's seeing somebody else?

I was seeing a guy for about four months. We would get together about once a week , text every other day for the most part. This month I noticed he was texting me less and less and not asking to see me. He would only snapchat me , finally last Monday I said to him what u can only snap me but not text? He said "look who's talking , I've been busy yada yada " . Thinking maybe he would text me after I said that he didn't.

So today I came across on social media a pic of him and a girl from his past at a wedding together , she must have came down here since she doesn't live in our state anymore so I've been told. I'm really hurt because I really like him is there anything I could do at this point?


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  • At this point forget about him. Obviously they had sex recently. He is giving you the cold shoulder. Your beautiful move on. xo

  • Ignore him, and find time doing something that has nothing to do with him. He's obviously is doing it...

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