Just would like to know if how im feeling is normal?

So im 15 he's 15, we liked eachother in 5th grade, then i moved away for middle school and now we go to the same high school and are dating (now we are in 10th grade) we have been dating for 3 months (we went back and forth for freshman year, but are now working out very well) and we are saying "i love you". I know that many are going to say that we're way to young to say i love you and i would have to agree with you. We are young to say that we love someone, but i truley feel like i do and he says the same thing. But the reason im on here is because.. at first i didn't want to say that i loved him and i didn't want to think long term for the fear of getting hurt and feeling like a stupid love struck teenage girl, but i decided to open up cause i felt secure. Though to tonight when we were taking i mentioned how i watched a movie with a soldier having to leave his wife to help save the world and how this reminded me of us (he is going into the military after high school) and he said "if we do last that long it will be hard to leave <3" and usually that would come off as something sweet but for some reason that "IF" really stuck out to me because now i feel like opening up was a bad idea like this is all a waste of time. I told him that "i feel stupid for thinking that far ahead cause we're so young" and he said that "you never know it could happen" and "let's enjoy what we have now". I know that what he said makes sense and i agree with him, but im still just feeling like opening up was possibly a mistake, or am i just blowing things out of perportion? Im not 100% sure of what im asking, but any opinions would be appreciated. If you read my rant thankyou so much :)


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  • I think you're blowing it out of proportion, which is totally normal at your age. Girls tend to do it more than guys I find, which is not a criticism at all. I actually tend to do it myself most times but then I'm not the average dude lol.

    If I said those same words to a girl they would mean exactly what I said and nothing more, "if we last that long" just means if we do. I didn't mean that I thought we might not or that I have some idea that we can't because lets be honest you have no idea what will happen in the next 2 - 3 years between now and when you graduate, and I think that's all your boyfriend meant. He seems like a really sweet guy, just keep taking things one day at a time. My brother and his wife met in highschool and have been together since the 10th grade as well, they are now 42 years old. :)

    • Thankyou so much, you helped me feel a lot better :)

  • Yeah you are just reading to much into it


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