Ok... I need objective girls opinions about my looks and vibe I give off (it will really help me out... even at my age as I am not good with women)?

With a push from somebody on this site, I uploaded some pics of myself for objective scrutiny so I know if I am at least ok. I don't want to put it on this main thread so please message me if you are a great person who wants to help a dude on his knees. I will respond with the links to my pics.

Wow... crickets anyone...


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  • There really is someone for everyone - you just have to believe it to the depths of your soul. Maybe you are focusing too much on the negative aspects of your personality, or physical appearance. When we focus on our own negative qualities, these are highlighted to those around us. You need to start looking at yourself in a more positive way. Write down 5+ positives qualities that you like about yourself! and how you can display theses more. E. g. Your smile- than smile more- nothing is more attractive than a smile. Your eyes- than make an effect to exchange more eye contact with people. Etc. With the men that I have dated attractiveness, is far down on their list of top qualities. As confidence, humour, ability to laugh at oneself, kindness, integrity, honesty are far more important.

    • Thank you but you know what the problem is, my mom, family and... my female friends all say I have a nice smile, but not one of those female friends ever dated me. So I don't really know if the positive attributes that I have, really exist. The other problem with all this: many years of "non-love" starts to rob you of your humour and kindness. I don't even believe in love actually (and that in itself is a tragedy). Anyway, I am trying to pick myself up...

    • And that is the problem!. You say that you don't believe in love. Well, you are going to find that through your attitude love is going to have a hard time finding you. I know that it is hard to believe in love when we are hurt time and time again. I look at it this way. There really is someone out there waiting for me, unfortunately, I have to kiss a lot of toads to find him. But I can't give up on finding him, because that would be sad for the both of us, so I keep my chin up, and kept kissing those toads until I find my prince. (Hoping that I find him soon, or the pond isn't too big)

    • I hope you find your prince. My last negative comment tough... is that some guys don't have the privilege of trying out different toads. Its the one thing that bugs me in the dating game. Women can get men so easy but men have to go through the Tri Wizard Tournament (I hope u watch harry potter) just to try a toad. Its why men get so clingy in my opinion. Anyway, I am getting better at it so hopefully we will get our "ever afters"

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  • Always remember there is someone for everyone :)

    • You are just so wrong, its that thinking that got drilled into my head by my mother that made me end up in this hell on earth. When you say that, you basically telling me something like lions are in fact, dolphins, Its so illogical. One thing good about me tho, tonight I finished the most beautiful song ever. I believe that sadness is the greatest ingredient in creativity:)

    • Thats your opinion. Like mine is there is someone for everyone, you just have to find them. If you are looking to hard you won't find them

  • I'll tell u


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