Off to university, should I expect to get with a girl in Freshers week? Is it fun? Bad idea?

I'm curious what expectations for freshers week are

I'll be a medic so there are going to be medic things and non-medic things and so much to do! At least there are a lot of grads on the course so it isn't all going to be 18y/o freshers!


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  • Well Freshers at my uni wasn't quite like that. Nobody had a realistic expectation of getting laid. We just got drunk, got to know other people and had fun. To be honest it depends where you go too. At some universities girls are a little bit easier to get than at others.

    • Yeh there's some 'easiest girls' league tables which seem a bit odd lol... I was just generally curious, I guess it's made to be more about sex than it is sometimes

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    • I graduated 2012 :) Though kinda wished I went to a Scottish university so it would have lasted an extra year, three just seemed really short and went really quick. What did you study? @Asker what you studying after freshers week and what uni you going to?

    • I did international relations. Yeah my three years flew by.

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  • First where do you live to talk like that.. lol not a bad thing just freshers... huh I know a freshmen is a first year, but freshers.
    Probably not going to get laid the first week of classes.


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  • Seduction doesn't just happen. Not for a guy. So you shouldn't expect it. If you have the confidence and the skills of course you have a good chance though.

  • Having that expectation will only lead to disappointment if it doesn't happen.

    Best thing is to just try and enjoy it, play it by ear, and try to avoid the Fresher Fifteen.