A guy I was going to go out with asked for a raincheck but didn't immediately reschedule?

A cadet at my university asked me out for Friday and I was really excited bc I mean he's a cadet. We were texting and he seemed to really be into me. If I felt a convo was over and I didn't respond, he'd resume it. He was flirting and even found me in FB. But then he was like oh I don't think I can make it I'm really sorry. I said oh it's fine another time and he said for sure. But he didn't reschedule immediately. I know that if he really wanted to go out, he'd pick a day and time then and there. Is this legit or does he really not want to go out?


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  • Who's to know for sure with that life he leads.
    Guesses from memories:
    > his buddies needed him to fill out the group for either poker or double dating (she has a friend that needs a date or else she can't date me, so will you date her once?)
    > sorry cadet, you have volunteered for guard duty
    > wake up, gear up and out we all go to weekend march
    > cadet, your punishment is KP this weekend
    > cadet, remember me - the gal you thought you had no chance with? - well.. my date fell through, so I'd like to reconsider your offer this weekend

  • So maybe he didn't reschedule immediately because he doesn't know what his schedule is going to be. Talk to him and find out.


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