So I was in a small room of about 20+ hot young girls and whilst I am normally attractive and quite confident I lost my nerve, the girl that... ?

... i like was in the room and when i made a sharp move to cling onto the only other guy in the room she laughed out loud, what do you think she thought?

what was she thinking when i ran to cover?

... and by cling i mean sit/stand next to and talk with not physically hug for dear life :P
she was definitely looking and laughing at me when i did it


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  • damn a room full of 20+ hot young girls? where were you? hahaa :D maybe she wasn't laughing at you? there's 20+ hot young girls in the room! they're all gossiping with each other lol.

    • oh i saw her looking directly at me as i did it :/ no doubt there

    • ... and i was at a university friends place

    • oh okay well then she probably thought it was funny because of the situation, its only you and 1 other d00d, and a sea of hot young ladies! hahaa I would laugh too if it was a sausage fest with 2 girls and I saw a girl doing that lol.

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  • What Tokana said, she probably noticed you being nervous.


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  • She probably realized that you were nervous and had to run for cover, she can sense the tension in you. lol explain by what you meant by 'run for cover'?

    • as i say there was only one other guy in the room and i made my way sharply across the room to him and stuck by his side

    • That is funny. Think nothing of it. But if there was ever a time for to pony up and bring your A game this was it brah. A lot of potential for you right there.