Opinions on Girlfriend problems?

Well i have a relation with a girl for like 3 months now, i really liked her but after a certain point it just got less and less.
Am i weird? because i don't really know what to do, dumping her after 3 months seems like such a harsh thing to do.
What do you guys think?

(I'm 16)


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  • Firstly, these kinds of 'change in feelings are common during your teens, so you're not weird.

    Secondly, your profile says your age is between 30 and 35. Please correct it before someone reports you.

    • Yeah sorry for the age, but what would you do?

    • If you don't have feelings for her anymore, then its better to dump her and give her a few days of pain, rather than pretend to love her and give her long term pain.

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