Is it too late? Guys, please help, I'm stressing out?

So last year there was a guy in one of my classes. He's graduated now, I haven't yet. I know he liked me (not sure if he still does), he bought me chocolates once. He's a friend of a friend, that's how I first found out he liked me. I didn't end up getting his number or giving him mine and this was 6 months ago. I thought my friend would eventually help us meet again or give him my number (she never did) but she's been acting weird since then, kind of distancing from me and looking back now, I can tell she didn't actually care as much as I thought she did, she can be really fake/jealous, I just never thought she would be that way with me. She says he said it's been too long but she has broken my trust a lot lately so I don't know what to believe. Anyway, I need help with a really difficult class he has already taken (I'm in the same program he was in), so I got his number to ask him for help. He agreed, but from his texting, he's not being really friendly. I know it's hard to tell from texting but still... Last time I saw him, about a week ago, we didn't really speak although he did give me a quick hug when he saw me. I'm so worried that he hates me now, I know maybe I should have put more effort into making things work, but I'm not a forward person at all and I guess he isn't really either and I really thought my friend knew that and would have just given him my number or something, since I got rid of my Facebook a while ago. Does it sound like it's too late? What should I do? I'm pretty nervous to see him, but could it be a good sign that he agreed to help me? I need a guy's perspective but any opinions/advice are appreciated. Thanks :)

Anyone else?


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  • Its too late, but there is hope, in order for you to speak to him again, is to re-activate your FB, and from there you chat with him. (Guys like it when girls initiate a conversation, so dont hesitate) Once you two are comfortable online, then meet him face 2 face, by then he would feel much more comfortable with you.


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