GF is mad at me for looking at her history with ex, what do I do?

so long story short, i was on her fb the other day (we both share fb accs) and i saw a message from a dude who is her ex's good pal. so curiosity got the best out of me and i scrolled up and saw some things that hurt me :/ basically it was just her asking this dude how her bf is beasue he is supposedly "mad" at her and some some stuff about their relationship. when i met up with my gf, she became aware that i wasn't too happy and confronted me about why I'm unhappy and after a while i opened up...(yes i shouldn't have i know :( ) she became extremely mad after and just stormed off super angrily...
she seemed also very hurt but I don't know what to do rn cuz I'm also pretty hurt from all the "details" i read... i know i shouldn't have read those and told her but my curiosity got the best of me... how i don't know what to do..

help pls =/


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  • You shouldn't be snooping. Your details don't make much sense. If you didn't find anything about infidelity then she has every right to be mad. Although she's a pretty idiotic person for giving you her FB password. If you did find something about infidelity then I don't know why you're still with her. I am guessing it's the former, however.

    I will never understand the need for people to have the password information for their significant other. You're dating. That doesn't mean they give up their right to privacy.

    • yeah i know but like i said... curiosity got the best of me. nonetheless, i just want to know how to get her to forgive me ;( she said she can't put up with someone who lives in the past... but honestly I'm not.. i was just a bit uncomfortable with that since its human nature.

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  • You should tell her it made you feel uncomfortable... she has a right to privacy, but since you saw it you should get everything out in the open and ask her why she was so angry. Also, you even might want to ask her if she still really cares about her ex or not, since you two are in a relationship now.

  • tell her your sorry again, but actions speak louder than words. do something super romantic to tell her you're sorry.


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