Are there any guys that WOULDN'T date a woman who's one year younger than he is? Example: a 19 year old guy refusing to date an 18 year old girl?

I'm asking cause I hear about some girls who wouldn't date a guy who is one year younger than she, but can it be the other way around sometimes, like certain guys who only want to date girls the same age as him or older but never a girl younger, even if she's one year younger.

I would like to know about if their are guys like this, that way I can feel better thinking it's not just women who are picky... otherwise that would make it hard for a guy to get a female to like him.


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  • Um perhaps when very young (like 15-16) but not now. I would be happy with a few years up or down, and I frankly expect the range to expand the older I get.


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