Guys: Would you tell a girl you really liked that you had been casually seeing if another girl asked you out?

the other girl was one of those friends that is just close enough that it is awkward to say a flat out no to, but not close enough to know about the girl you really like and to be honest since things are early on you kinda don't want to say anything to that group about her yet cause you aren't sure about where you stand... so you just say yes to be nice


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  • No, enjoy each girl and each date for what it is.

    • Would there be any reason why you would tell her?

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  • should have said no. Now the girl thinks you like her

    • some guys get caught in the trying to not be an asshole thing...

    • You can say no without being an asshole. "I'm sorry, but i have to say no. Dont take this the wrong waym yada yada"

    • I don't disagree I'm just saying sometimes people say dumb things...