Would I have a chance with him?

I've told this shy guy i likwd him through fb last year anad he was really nice about it but said he had a gf. Now i still like him and he doesn't have a gf. What do i do? Do i still have a chance or is it over? Could he be interested in me now or not liking me at all? Help


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  • Best make an effort. Would you rather regret never approaching him because "I thought he maybe may not like me"?

    As a shy person myself let me just say... by all means approach the guy -.- if he likes you, he would probably appreciate the fact that he didn't have to haul his shy ass (excuse my french, but I am french, so it's okay >;P) to approach a girl.


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  • You always have a chance... Even if its small, as long as you're willing to take that chance its all good. I'd say you do have a chance... He's single and ready to mingle lol

    • How do i do it tho? We dont even talk

    • If he's shy you have no choice but to start a conversation by yourself