If your partner feels sweet with an opposite sex friend and enjoys that friend's company a lot?

I'm struggling to get over my jealousy these days, as my boyfriend feels sweet with another girl, and he hangs out with her 1-on-1 a lot a few times a week, without ever telling me or inviting me, they text every day too.

After I found out he said I shouldn't be jealous, because he just enjoys her company and it's ok to feel sweet with a girl friend, and says I should overcome my jealous as he can't just spend time with me, he's allowed to find happiness elsewhere, even though he just wants me as his girlfriend.

But it's just hard, how would you feel if your partner does this?

  • It's normal in an opposite sex friendship, I'd be cool with it.
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  • I'd be jealous, but would try to accept it.
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  • I wouldn't be ok with it, will try to talk to my partner and sort it out.
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  • That's emotionally cheating, would be the end of story for me.
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What Guys Said 1

  • I am a firm believer that it is not possible. I have girls that I am friends with who I talk to once in a while. But if I were to be talking every day, there is something more there. Happened with my ex, she was talking to a guy everyday without my knowledge... and yeah, I've gone through unbearable pain after I found out the truth that had been covered up by a mutual friend and her after the breakup.

    • You tell him to stop it now, or dump him to be quite frank. If he talks to her once a week, then sure, maybe. every day is excessive!

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should spend some time with the 2 of them and try to understand if there is some sexual tension between them or if they're only pals.