This guy never initiates... does that mean he doesn't like me?

I've been friends with this guy recently. He's a really nice, good guy. Kind of shy, but he's opening up to me recently. I've always had to initiate our hangouts though... Twice I texted him first and he asked me to join him in the activity he was doing. Another time, I stopped by his work and he asked me if I was free later. He always accepts my invitation, but has never asked me first (unless I've reached out to him anyway). Is this a bad sign that he may not be into me? I mean other than that, we have a good time when we hangout.


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  • Well it is probably that he doesn't want to force himself on you. Maybe because at some point in his life he used to initiate and somebody let him down and called him annoying. So don't hate that he doesn't initiate and ask him about or mention it in a sarcastic way :)


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  • It seems he does initiate since he invites you something, maybe he was already planning on inviting you but then you text him first, just letting you know but he is initiating

  • That doesn't mean he doesn't like you, he is shy remember? xD he may or may not like you, there are men who initiate but still dont like the girl. It all depends.


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