Why does my bf disappear for hours/a day?

Why does my bf disappear for hours and even a whole day without tellin me where he is going or what's he doin. Will just be talking and out of no where he'll stop responding and I won't hear back from him until 12 pm or the next day. I asked him calmly why he did this and I didn't like it. And he says he forgets to tell me, or he arrives home late. Sometimes its bec of work or he went out to a friend's place. I dont't know what to do, and what he might be doing that he can't even at least tell me beforehand. I always tell him where I'll be at or doing.


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  • Well than stop giving a fuck and don't tell anywhere you're going lets see if he likes it. If he dosent want to be giving explanations where he's gonna be at then why does he have a gf?