How do I get in her pants?

I have a friend named Mercades who I've known for 2 years and dated 2 years ago. She's smart, has a good personality, a GREAT artist and she's is extremely attractive. On the flip side, she at times can have a pretty bad attitude, only dates white guys, (she's mixed black/white, I'm Asian) granted she dated me and one of her black friends, she tells her friends that she's only into white guys. Every guy she has dated has tried to get into her pants. She's been telling everyone that she still has her V-card and she's saving herself for marriage. despite the fact we're friends we almost never see each other, and sometimes we go months without speaking. Then out of nowhere I get a message from her asking how I'm doing. I helped her with some personal problems however I've never been that loser guy she goes crying to when she gets hurt by some other guy. She's moving to another state next year in April and I just want to be that guy that gets in her pants first. Then again I could be a little late, most of the time when a girl brags about having their V-card they have something to hide... I'll just leave it at that lol. I'm in shape, tall (believe it or not), and I'm not small if you know what I mean. 90% of the girls I've been with have been happy or pretty impressed with the sex. I'm just going by what they've said. Mercedes is def a work in progress and believe it or not I have a lot of respect for her. I'm just not interested in dating, and want to get in her pants and release the "Dogs of War" before she leaves.

What advice do you have, aside from professional help and spelling classes. I hope I offended someone, and if I did, please leave a comment and explain why you feel the way you do about my request.

So just to wrap this up here's what I'm asking...


Thanks for all your support!


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  • "Dogs of War" LOL!!! XD.

    "I hope I offended someone." This is good stuff bro.

    If she's saving herself for marriage then I doubt there's much you can do. Idk.


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  • I don't know whether to be offended or to laugh because this is genuinely hilarious. I'd say, what do you have to lose... just be straightforward and ask. The worst she can say is no.

    • I'm not even sure if he's being serious...

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    • I'm very serious, I wanna introduce Mercades to my "Mega Me". Please help!!!

    • The "Dogs" are barking! They need something to attack!

  • So yes, this is offensive and disrespectful, but obviously you know that.. so i don't have much else to say i guess..

    • Indeed. "... and believe it or not I have a lot of respect for her." I think I'll go with "or not"

    • Who am I disrespecting?

  • i think you should just be straight forward with her lol you being up front would be kinda a turn on plus she's moving anyways so if she says yes it won't follow her if she says no it won't follow you

    • Ok! be.. straight forward... got it!!! ... but what if she bits me...

    • Bits you? With her razor vagina teeth?

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