Trying to distance myself from her?

Asked the girl I've been seeing where our relationship is heading and she took it as I was asking for commitment. She said she doesn't know what she wanted, but liked me. It wasn't even what I was asking, but after receiving that answer from her it really shed some light on the time we've been spending together.

After hearing that I wanted to just back off a bit and see if she would reach out to me. I've taken longer to respond to her texts and have ignored her once and then she sent me another text a day later. I kept the responses real short and will not continue conversation.

Now I do really like this girl, but I don't know if this is a smart move on my part.


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  • What are you doing? Why do people play games? She gave you the standard 'go to' answer, because she is afraid of scarring you off, and now you are giving her very clear signals that you are not interested. She is hardly going to tell you how she is feeling (e. g if she loves you ) now is she!. If you feel especially close to this girl, don't play games, be honest on how you feel, as this will open the floor for discussion.


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  • Sounds like she's not interested in you like that, man. Sorry.
    Sure you'll find someone that actually values your time, chin up :)

  • Don't do this, do not. Be open and honest about how you feel, then you'll see if she likes you or not. Not with the games please. It can hurt someone and you won't even know.

    • I was more taken back by the response to my where are we going with this. With the I don't know what I want response I feel like she was letting me down lightly. We've been hanging out/ dating for a few months. I also forgot to add I asked if she was seeing other people and she said she had been on a few other dates. I also believe in the if I'm going to date someone I will not date others during that time period. I guess I'm different.

    • No I understand. Then I would just be straight up with her and tell her that :)

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  • Don't play games with her if she actually likes you I can't say she'll enjoy those games. Just be straight forward with her

    • But when a girl says she doesn't know what she wants that's usually the kiss of death. I just don't want to waste my time if it's going to go no where

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    • So as a guy you'd be ok with waiting and continuing to take her out on dates while she could be dating others casually still.

    • Hey that just means you have to earn your part, while you are just dating you're not in a relationship so its not cheating its just deciding what you want, you could do the same thing, but stick around in case she chooses you