Why might a guy start pulling back in a relationship?

I've been dating this guy for 4 months now & he recently started texting less & hasn't been as thoughtful as he was at the beginning. I know it's natural to pull back a little the longer you're together, but I just feel like he takes me for granted sometimes. I don't know why he's acting differently towards me because it happened all of a sudden & without warning. I'm feeling confused and sad because it's so out of character for him. What does this usually mean? Guys, why do you do this out of nowhere? How can I get him invested like the beginning stages again? He used to send me sweet emails & everything

Thanks in advance! :) Greatly appreciated


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  • Well personally I wouldn't do this if I felt myself doing this I'd call it over because i don't have all my interest on my partner anymore, He should be giving you his best all the time. But before you make any drastic decisions, I'd ask him whats going on and see what could be bothering him, He could just be busy but there's a million other things it could be, but be sure to ask him whats up

    • Thanks for your help :) The confusing part about all this is that he still gets jealous when other guys even chat with me. Before going out with a group of my friends he sent me a text saying, "As long as no guy asks you out it'll be fine ;)" I took that as interest that he still wants to be with me but I could be wrong?

    • You really have to ask him, it could be interest or it could be him trying to control what you do like i said it could be anything and just try to think what anything could be and its possibility that could be it

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  • it is natural but the guy should not do it too much. when they care they may be more laid back about certain things but will still talk to you every day and ask to see you fairly often.

    sometimes the girl gets too aggressive. if you feel neglected pull back a bit. don't initiate contact with him and take a bit longer to answer your phone sometimes.

    • I agree with this. The best way to point our a certain type of behaviour in your boyfriend, is to do it to him. If he is pulling away, then give him the space he needs. He will start to wonder why you are not answering your phone as fast as normally, and he will do what he can to be a top priority again. If he asks why you are so unavailable, just say that you got caught up.

    • I think that's sound advice :) The only thing is that he usually texts me first and I usually wait a few minutes before replying. I'm rarely the one to initiate conversation :) I should just keep doing what I'm doing then? Thanks!