How long do you typically wait until meeting someone you met online in person? Is it different for everyone, or do you have a certain wait period?

I don't like the idea of meeting up with someone from an online dating site right away. I like to at least wait a few weeks until I know a little bit more about them. Even though they might not be honest about everything they say, it still makes me feel better having a little info.

I'm curious if other online daters feel the same way. Do you usually wait a little while before meeting up with someone you met online, or do you like meeting them in person right away? Or does it depend on the person? How do you decide?


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  • I've only met a few people and ya we waited a few weeks but that wasn't my intention.

    It's always been because the girl feels weird about it. They always felt the same way you do.

    There's no helping that. I really don't give a shit. I would meet you, ya you, tomorrow if I could. Why? Because there's no point in waiting around if there's a connection. Know what I mean? Also everything you said about not knowing them is true, they COULD be lying to you even during those 3 weeks so what's the point? Sometimes you have to have a little faith. But you know, there's nothing wrong with taking a friend of yours. As a guy I would understand your nervousness and would welcome you and your friend... I mean, I'm a pretty sociable guy so I'd make it work, whatever. Meeting in public is obviously a good way to meet a stranger too, also in broad daylight- go mini golfing or something.

    Truth be told, do you really know ANYBODY? I mean, you could know your best friend for years but never knew that she/he was suicidal, or that she was molested as a kid, or this, or that. Know what I mean? The idea that you truly know someone well is an illusion. There's no difference between the guy online and the guy in your college class that asked you out. So the guy sits two rows from you in class- how does that make him safer? Just saying...

    • I second that, in the end everybody is human being and you will never know all the truth. Most of times, people be afraid because they need time to gain confidence in themselves to go and meet them. It's more about treating themselves emotionally than treating the case rationally. Rarely, it happens a case of real serial killer or rapist. That's why in this case meeting at daylight and not giving so much personal information like your address can be a good filter for the first meeting

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  • well the one time I did met someone online in person it was from a random Facebook add and I'm just like how do I you and she's like you don't but you looked fun so I added you. Well end of story we dated for like 10 dates having a couple sexual encounters. End of story wasn't worth it at all.


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