How to tell a girl I like/love her?

Alright so I'm 16 and I'm not not best looking guy heck I'm not even good looking. But I like this girl and I have since I first saw her. Never have I've talked to her just you know watch her not stalker wise just when we had same classes and stuff. I've had her in my classes for 2 years and I can't get the guts to talk to her. But still I think of her... Well anyways its bothering me so much not having her know but I'm just wondering if I should tell her? Ehh I'll take any advice/answer/

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  • You should tell her. You never know, she may like you back. Wouldn't you rather know than wonder what if? Plus, the sooner you know, the sooner you two will be able o act on your mutual feelings. Or the sooner you'll be able to move on if she doesn't fee the same.

    • Don't say love though! That will probably creep her out considering you two never talk.

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  • Don't just go up to her and say you love/like her because that will most likely just creep her out, especially coz you've never even talked! You say you have classes together so why not talk then? Like say for example next time you get to class and her friends haven't arrived yet so she might be standing by herself, you can just make a comment like "how hard was the last question on the test?" or maybe make a comment on your teacher (this one's good if you have a bitchy teacher lol).
    Good luck!


What Guys Said 2

  • walk up to her and just ask if she's single.

    then she'll take a hint that u wana hit that. after that your either in or out. gl m8

  • just tell her straight LOL