Is it normal for girls to feel nervous about initiating conversation with guys they know only for a short period of time?

Let's say I know a girl for like almost a week and I see her for the second time only. In this type of situation, those girls never ever approached me to say hi or whatever. It's usually me having to go up to them, which can be scary to do if she thinks it's awkward. Thankfully, I haven't had an awkward encounter yet.

I do want to know whether if girls wait for the guy to go up to them to say hi?


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  • Yes... mostly I'd try to smile at the guy and hope he can take the hint. There's still a desire for many girls to be approached. There's just something dominant about the man taking action and coming to the girl. I prefer that. As I say... I try to make effort from my side too but I don't go all out because I've come to realize some guys dislike girls making the first move so therefor I just let him so I can be sure he's into me.


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