How do I tell her to give us another go?

So a I've known this girl since my freshman year of high school.. we are both 22 now. I used to have a crush on her back in hugh school but nothing happened. We stayed close through the years. At the end of last year and the begging of this year we got even closer and one day she told me that she liked the idea of there being an US. So we talked about it and decided to see if we could make it work. After a month she told me she didn't want to ruin what we had and didn't want to risk it. So we stopped talking but through mutual friends we would see each other and talked again as close friends. While we were normal like before, I met this girl that completely made me fall for her. And while I was in the posses of talking to the new girl, she comes to my house to talk to me face to face and tells me she has a commitment problem and wanted to fix that and wanted a second chance! I felt so bad and I told her I was already talking to someone else. She almost cried. I remember hugging her because I felt bad doing that to her but it would of been worse if I would of said yes while wanting to be with the other girl. With the new girl I was just used. Not going to lie I did like her a lot! It has been my biggest heart break! But it made me realize that what I really want from a girl/relationship. The new girl was everything I wanted but not what I needed. Now this past Saturday I went out to my friends birthday party and she was there. When I got there I have her a strong long hug and I asked her how she had been since I hadn't seen her since the day she was at my house. We talked for a bit and she even bought me a drink. Later we danced together and for a moment I rapped my hands around her. I talked to our mutual friendso which are her best friends and they both told me to go and try it again BUT to be careful because she has a bf. No one knows who he is only that they work together. The moment I saw her again I knew I made the wrong choice.

I really would love to try things with her the right way this time. But I feel bad coming back and telling her to give us another chance to try it again when she has a bf but I guess sometimes you just have to fight for what you want
I will see her on Friday at a friends birthday party and I want to ask her then because we are going in the same car.. any advice? Tips?


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  • I think you should make your feelings known to her but don't expect a whole lot in return just then. If she has her fb with her she probably won't say much or will say get lost nicely. Write back with her reaction after you tell her.

    • She won't have her bf with her. She is actually picking me up lol. But from what I've seen, she doesn't take her bf to places with her. 2 days ago she asked me if I was going to an event here in our city and I said maybe and she said she was just going with her cousin. I will ask her. See what happens! And yes I'll keep you updated on what happens!

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    • See what happens. She made it seem like she doesn't want to care about me but she does and well I have a feeling we will have something. I made some good points that will definitely have her thinking about us.. I will be seeing her around anyways soo for now I will just continue to work on my self and see what happens if not well she is one of my best friend so I don't lose anything!.. thank you for reading this and helping out :)

    • That sounds great ! Very happy for you and good luck to you.

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  • write her a letter in blood, that way she knows you are dead serious

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