Is he interested at all?

A guy who i was friends with a few years ago have just started talking again a few months ago, he didn't text me for like 6 weeks so I assumed he wasn't interested and moved on. then he texted me saying sorry I haven't texted in a while I've been busy. So we met up. I texted him like 2 weeks later and we had a conversation and I said if you're free sometime we should catch up again. he replied saying, yea that would be nice :-) hopefully soon. Do you think he's just being nice or?


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  • That's the oldest saying in the book sorry I was busy. Yeah sure he is. He could be just settling, I would watch your back if I were you.

  • His family doesn't matter, even if they like you it won't change anything if he doesn't.
    So forget about the family gathering and what not and focus on him. What is he like when you guys meet up? Does he flirt? Does he touch? Does he stare? Lips or boobs? Does he try to get closer to you when you talk? And most importantly how do feel? Do you feel he's just friendly? In these cases I always tell people to trust their guts, it's always right. Don't try fool yourself listen to your guts.


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