Work it out or just let it go?

So me and this guy have been dating for 6 months now. We started off great always going out, talking for hours. We became so attracted and comfortable with eachother that it felt like I knew him for years. 4 months into us dating he decided to take a break from me. Since he had not told me anything I figured that, that was it and we were over. Until a week later he decides to text me like nothing happened. I asked him what happened his response was "we needed a break" with no explanation as to why. So after that I decided to work it out and move forward things were bad but then we got right back on track. We rarely see eachother anymore since I'm back in school and he's working. We were with eachother 4 days ago and it was horrible. I wanted to leave but I couldn't because he picked me up. When he dropped me off I didn't say anything, he asked me for a kiss and I just walked away. Since then I haven't reached out to him and he hasn't reached out to me. What should I do?

Should I just let it go or work it out?
To let go?


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  • Sounds like both of you aren't happy. Break it off.


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  • I am seeing a Problem child Pattern here, jussgood, and it's on his Part, not yours. He wants you today and tomorrow he doesn't, he is Here Today and gone Tomorrow, and with his words, his actions are speaking full volumes themselves. He wants no Commitments, wants no hooked at the hip, and wants no ties, just to do a she please and doesn't care who he walks over in his beaten path.
    He also sounds like this fickle pickle who thinks he can come and go with you when he pleases and every time you turn around, you will be there to pick up his sour ball pieces. It's confusing a shell, frustrating to be a Frat with this Frick, and you don't know what direction you will Ever be heading. It's going nowhere Fast with this fur ball.
    If you stand for this, you will continuously be stooping for whatever poop he decides to throw your way. Yes, 'Horrible' and Hellish each and Every time, and no better at all, no matter how many times you get his old song and dance of "we needed a break."
    Leave it alone. No contact is best. He hasn't made an effort, he is 'Taking this break' again, Obviously. And with this being said, he most likely will be back, God only knows This time how long, 'with no explanation,' but this 'Time' you need to tell this pompous pup that you're not Into playing hard ball with him and this time around----He is barking up the wrong tree... Goodbye, my friend...
    Don't give him any more leashes to tighten your neck with. With walking papers in hand, let him trot off and start giving his bone to someone who may not care that he is just full of Bull.
    Good luck. xx

  • Depends why it was "horrible." If it was because of the tension of the break or the fact that you are mad you never get to see him, I would try to work through it.. but if it's an entirely different reason like you get annoyed by everything he does or feel like he's not so into you anymore, just break it off.

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