Why would he ask me out but come off like he's not interested In me anymore after 3 days?

A guy I've liked for a year finally started asking me out. We went on 3 dates and at he end of the 3rd; he kissed me. But he said he didn't want any commitment since he had broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years 3 months ago. I can understand that. But after that he stopped texting me completely and barely replied to any of my messages. Then 5 months later he asked me out in person! But when I text him asking what time or where we're going he doesn't respond.. On the day he asked me out he was texting me all day. But the next 4 days he rarely texted me. Even when I asked him where he wants to go and what time we should meet up. Is he just not interested in me? Should I just give up now? I feel like I have to chase him more than he chases me..


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  • He obviously has no clue what he really wants. I'd just let him be until he can sort out his shit and give you the unwaivering attention you deserve. Maybe tell him this and that'll motivate him to give you a straight answer and figure things out.

    • Were supposed to go out today for lunch. should I? I still don't know where I'm going? /:

    • If he won't get his shit together and actively participate in dating you, I'd say fuck it. You should find someone that actually wants to see you and doesn't play around. You don't deserve to be left hanging like this all the time.

  • It sounds like he's messing with you.

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