Good online dating sites for teenagers?

I'm 17 so not exactly young and I'm looking for a good dating site that has people from my age or two years either side. Any suggestions?


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  • Lol once upon a time, I used to get on meetme. com, omgpop. com, and okcupid. com hahaha

    • omgpop was a fun site! Too bad it's taken down :(

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    • Yeah I noticed! I didn't think I would still be able to use my old account haha.

    • However it won't let you upload new pics

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  • "I'm 17 so not exactly young" Funny joke mate.
    Seriously though, you're in school! That's your dating site!!
    If you can't get anyone at your school interrested in you, you'll probably fail at net dating too...

    But seriously, don't go net dating when you can use school for that :)

  • Dude, you're in high school. That's the only time in your life when a dating site is completely unnecessary.

  • Everyone is saying high school is a good place to meet girls. It isn't. However, your question could probably be better answered by just Googleing teenage dating sites.

    • How is it not?

    • Well, I mean for some it might be. Everyone is too obsessed with popularity and what not, I've seen guys ask girls out and get completely made fun of for it. If you do manage to get into a relationship, rumors spread and other overly dramatic bullshit happens until you end up breaking up. I knew this one couple who met from school and started dating. Rumors started to spread about how they were into bondage and other kinky things, which lead to bullying. They ended up splitting up because of it.

  • You're 17, you're young you stupid shit.

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