Girls, what do you think of my size? (numbers only)?

So mine is 16 cm long (6.3 inch) and 3,9 cm diameter (1,5 inch).

Is that good bad or average? What do you think?

1,5 inch is the diameter, not the girth. I wrote diameter for simpler imagination...

Girth would be 4,7 inch


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  • Good length but bad girth. You have a pencil penis... I don't want to bring you down, but what's most important is girth, and the average girth is around 4. something.

    But, I think you're measuring your girth wrong, I mean, 1.5 inch is really small for a girth.

    • 1,5 inch is the DIAMETER, not the girth.

      the girth is 4,7 inch :D

    • I'm sorry, but I was wrong. You have an average penis diameter, I thought you said circumference. Sorry about that.