Co-worker relationship?

So I've been working with a girl for about two years now. I met her before we worked together and instantly had a strong attraction for her. In the past two years we've flirted pretty heavily on and off but since we worked together she would never peruse a relationship. We've kissed several times but she then got scared and backed off. But told several friends we would date if someday we didn't work together but she never told me her feelings. This summer I hung out with a girl several times and she found out about it. It wouldn't have been a big deal but she hated the girl. I completely ended it with this girl. But the co-worker was upset with me and finally told me she was because she had a crush on me. So I was out of town for three week and had a lot of time to figure out what I want and what I want is her. This week she got a job offer for another company. I've been trying to rekindle what we had. I had got her some things while I was out of the country and she loved it. Her birthday is next week and I got her her favorite wine and wanted to give it to her. I'm just afraid to push her away or do the wrong thing.

Ok so talking to her friend she feels because I hung out with this other girl she just wants to be friends.
I asked her if her and her daughter wanted to go to an event. She said maybe. Now her friend says she feels I'm pushing her away by asking. I just don't know what to do. I know I need yo slow down but how much do I do that.


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  • Sometimes we meet the right people but the timing is wrong. She has already admitted to having a crush on you and since she's got another job offer I'd say go for it! If working together was the only reason you guys didn't go further than friends than what do u have to lose? She already likes you. I've liked this guy from work for almost a year now and even tho we don't have much of an age difference, he's my manager now and I can see that as maybe being the reason we only go on "friend dates" and nothing more than that. Had we not worked together, I might have kissed him already but I'm also glad that we work together as I never would have met him :p


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