Is it a date if a woman said yes to having lunch with me sometime at the college? I'm 23 and she is like forty something. Read details below?

I had this woman in a class with me two semester ago. She sat next to me and she is the one who started the conversation with me. We enjoyed talking to each other a lot about all sorts of things. One time when the professor went with the students to do the computer lab to talk to them about how to do a certain project on the computer. After everyone was finished with lab class was over. After I got up the woman got up too and told me that if I need help on the project for me to let her know. After that I decided to just check the back of the computer lab. As I did that, she patted me on the back and said for me to have a good day. When she patted me on the back she made her hand go down all the way to my butt and she was looking at my back as moved her hand down. She continued looking at my butt for a little bit after she was done doing that. Recently we saw each other on campus and we said hi to each other. I asked her if she would be ok with having lunch with me and she said yes. I know she is single by the way.


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  • İ dont think thats a date you have to ask her if she wanna go outside with you do something fun or nice

    • You wouldn't consider it a date that she is ok with having lunch with me at the college?

    • İ mean yes its college anyways if one of my bf tell me lets having lunch i would say yes and i wouldn't consider a date

    • Oh ok.

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