What do boys like in girls?

What is it in a girls physical appearance and personality that is attractive to boys? Does the girl have to be skinny and act all bubbly?


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  • Things I love about the girl I'm talking to:

    I love her smile
    I love her eyes,
    I love her look she gives me
    I love the curves on her lips
    I love her voice when she sings
    I love her voice when she talks to
    I love personality that's outgoing
    I love seeing her dressed well
    I love seeing her having a good time
    I love the tiny freckles she has
    I love her body
    I love her humour
    I love many things like that... =)


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  • It depends on the guy, if he is into sports and is all popular and all, it's with physical appearance. But if the guy is semi popular, is sweet and nice he will go fro both but mainly personality traits. Being skinny usually gives the impression to guys that she's too conscious about her weight, but then eating and eating and gaining weight will have the opposite effect , the guy will think you don't care. And don't be bubbly it annoys guys.
    Hope this helps :)

  • There's a certain type of girl that makes a man develops a profound attraction for, that makes him feel blessed to be with. Men are very picky with whom they give their hearts to. Personality and emotional availability are probably the top two qualities we respond to. But that might well be rather serious for what you're looking at.

  • Yes most guys want skinny women

  • I wonder if some idiot is gonna think he's clever and say "ME LOL"

    Anyway I like smart girls that have decent hobbies and have some athletic ability.

    • What would you consider decent hobbies?

    • Painting, hiking, horseback riding, musical instrument, surfing... basically something other than reading, watching movies/TV or hanging out on the computer all day.

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