Is it a good time for me to ask this girl for her phone number soon?

So I started a conversation with this girl after the adult school door was opened last week. The first thing she told me was that she is 18. However, she looks older. (I am a few years older than her) We only got to talk for like two minutes since she had to go to class.

On Tuesday, she came to campus later than I did. I think she saw me, but as expected, she didn't initiate anything. I wanted to wave at her or approach her to say hi, but I feel that her not looking at me means she isn't interested anymore. If she was interested, she would smile or wave at me. I talked to her while we were both walking to class. It didn't last long again because she had to go to class. Today, she came late so we didn't talk. I saw walking right behind me, but I didn't say hi because I didn't want to look desperate. It's not like today is the last day I can see her.

Next time when she is not late, I am planning to just straight up approach her like a man. I also plan to ask for her phone number the next time I see her, but I am wondering if it's too soon and would make me "move too fast" To be honest, I have been rejected by girls a whole lot that I assume rejection coming if a girl doesn't initiate anything.

She is pretty hot for an 18 year old. She is quite thick but no way she is fat. She is going to be even hotter years to come!


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  • ask your friends about her and what does she like to do?

    • That can't be done since I barely have any friends there since it's my first time ever at the adult school. It is also her first time there as well.

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    • what did u do

    • what happened?

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  • I don't see the harm in just asking her. The worst that can happen is that she'll say no, in which case you won't get her number.

    You don't have her number now and you're surviving without it, so, why not?


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  • Just ask, the worst thing she can do is say no, right?

    • True, but another tally mark at the no section and the yes section will remain pretty empty of tally marks though.

  • Na don't worry. Ask if she is with some one. If not ask for her number. i my self been reject plenty of times. And I'm pretty sure there will be plenty more. Do what you gotta do

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