I want to start dating but every time a guy is near me I get super annoyed?

I want to have a boyfriend and I'm 18 so I'm not too young to date but the thing is every time I go out with someone I get extremely irritated for some reason like recently I asked this guy out and he had his arm around me and I felt very annoyed it's just that he was breathing right into my ear I just wanted to push him off even though when I asked him out I did like him. I've done stuff like this a few times asked someone out and then get annoyed by them instantly.
this will probably sound stupid but I feel like this goes with the question. My libido is super high so it's not like I'm frigid or not ready for anything sexual like I get turned on at least twice a day


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  • Maybe you just don't like people in your personal space. In the beginning of the dating process this might be a huge problem. In order to get to a deeper level people are expected to go through things like hand holding, and cuddling. After the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over things normally die down a lot, and most people get less touchy feely, and cuddle less often.


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