FFun first date ideas that aren't like too serious or too intimate?

Fun first date ideas. Simple or creative. What's your most favorite dates you've been on? I know it all relies on the Guy and how fun he is but what's some of your favorite?


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  • The amusement park ;D, Stand in the lines , chat and share ice cream and such. And a kiss on the top of the ferris wheel for example (if you are comfortable with each other) and the haunted house where the girls act scared (they prob are) and hug you


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  • i lik boring dates so i know if i actually like the person. plus when you're first into someone ANYTHING you do is exciting bc its with them... i'd save 'fun' stuff for after you get a bit sick of each other a few months or years later. i would not waste fun stuff in the beginning when sitting on a card board box for 5 hours would be thrilling bc I'm with him.,

    • i'd go on a walk bc I'm less nervous while moving plus you dont have to look at each other directly but you can if you want.

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  • Take her to some kind of class. I took my SO on our first date to an into archery class, she loved it!

    I cheated a little though, cause I've been doing archery for 4 years.

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