Girls, can you give me tips on how I can become a bad boy?

Girls, can you give me tips on how i can become a bad boy?


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  • Tip 1:

    Seriously, what "good guys" tend to overlook are 2 key things about bad boys/players.

    1. Quality over quantity. What kind of girls do players pull? Girls who give it up to anyone. Do you really want a relationship with that? I know I don't. They have girls left and right, but again, these are broken, immature women. They don't know what they want in life. I know that would turn me off from a guy, no matter how sexy he is. What's more important, to jump from bedroom to bedroom? Or to have a strong, stable women to love you, care for you, always be there for you when you need someone? Think about.
    Do you wanna be a player or do you wanna win the game?
    2. Success rate. These bad boy guys only tell or show the women they did get. I can guarantee you they asked a lot of women and were rejected before they finally got a yes. The ratio of women asked out vs women who they got would be very unbalanced. Sure, they seem to have a lot of women, but that's because they ask out and get rejected a lot. If you ask 100 women out at a time, eventually like 8 or 9 will say yes. This is the badboy strategy. Good guy strategy, ask out maybe 1 woman at a time, and she could say yes or no. So assuming she says yes, that means the good guy had a 100% success rate. But he only had 1 girl, the bad boy had 8 or 9 girls, but 8 or 9 out of 100 is a 8-9% success rate. See the difference?

    You need to ask people who are married or in long term relationships how they got it. Not players.
    Let's pretend your goal is to find a good stable job. Would you ask a person who's had many jobs, but short term and jumps from job to job or would you ask the person who's stuck with their job for a long time and was even promoted for advice? Check the sources of your advice and you determine what's more reliable. Also, as cliche as this sounds, look within yourself.
    "If she's worth it, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be worth it."

    • this is why you can't ask a girl advice on bad boys, because what you are saying is false on a many levels. What you wrote is based on assumptions you have or experiece from people you've been with. But that doesn't define everyone. Bad boy's can be as simple as just a personality that someone has. I know I'm like that and I've been faith full to my girl, haven't been with many women, told her who i've been with, devote my affection to her more than ever, shower her with kisses and all the likes... doesn't make me a player with std's etc.. unfaithful etc.. whatever you wrote. just saying, Don't make assumptions on what you think to be true

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    • "Sluts"/promiscuous women would still make good mates.
      What I'm saying applies to me and women like me. Not every woman is like me. So yes, I am giving from my experiences because I'm stating my own opinions and views.

    • @BuchitaBuchys yeah i totally gotcha don't worry. I didn't take offense to what you wrote, just clearly saw an oppurtunity to retorque to what you said. But based on the OP's reactions to some things I wrote below... the whole persona doesn't fit him one bit. I highly advise he stick to staying a good guy. And I mean in the end, we're all good guys at heart, just the way we go about things is different. its just a different set of skills and grown behaviors. I think you shouldn't try to BE anything, you should simply BE who you are and your personality will express itself and someone will learn to appreciate that. (advice to op)

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  • You should want to have a dick personality if you're actually a gentleman, because believe me, there's not enough of them in the world. But it's all about style. Think leather jacket, tattoos (don't do anything you'll regret!), beard, maybe earpiercings, boots and beanies. Nothing's more sexy than someone who looks like a badboy but is a sweetheart

  • join a gang
    learn how to fight
    get a gun
    commit some felonies
    start selling drugs
    get locked up a few times
    get some tattoos

    • Nah not worth it. Im engaged to a beautiful women who accepts me for being nice

    • so I guess there's no reason to change

    • No i guess not.. I just dont want her to get bored with me later on

  • Just be yourself. Geez.

  • Bad boy as in "really" bad, or just for fun?

    • The kind women like

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    • I was at the receiving end of one such trick from my BF, so I'm speaking from experience lol.

    • Ok. I understand

  • Why do want to become a bad boy? Do not want girls to like you?

    • Girls deep down want a bad boy. Im tired of being the good boy

    • Would you rather have an immature girl who's likely to cheat on you then? The bad boy phase is something young girls go through at that time their dumb, plain and simple. Be yourself and find someone that deserves you.

    • *They're

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  • Bro, you don't become a bad boy, you just are by nature. I guess you could call me one... and I had a friend litterally copy me on everything in high school, god.. it was pathetic... but what is that makes us different?

    We're social as %$#%# =) We go out and make friends in a snap. We embrace everyone we know, we stand tall, we give firm hand shakes, we smile nice and wide at girls. We tease girls. We don't shower them with compliments every two seconds. We let them want more.. we make them chase us. not the other way around.
    We don't need a nice car or money, hell, i drive my mom's mini van still because i''m in college and don't need a car right now. And i'm far from rich. FARRR..

    But that doesn't stop the fact that I have an energetic attitude, i am daring, and ready to try new things, I will grab a girl by the hand tell her, "come over here, check this out !!!" I will be a little rough with her, give her strong hugs. Tell her she's beautiful out of random. Dress well, and walk with confidence. Address everyone with confidence and have a presence in a crowd. Not all sitting on my phone in the corner of a party.

    • Solid advice.

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    • good for you, i bet she doesn't mind about big noses then:D crap i thought my comment was anonymous, does this make me a bad boy to:D gl with trolling me, because i couldnt give a flying fuck about what you have to say:)

    • Just wanted to say this is great advice.

  • here you go this should answer your question

  • Be like vegeta

  • Go full retard.

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  • why do you want to be a loser, I've seen plenty of bad boys, trust me, if i put a loaded 9mm pistol against their head, they will cry and beg me not to pull the trigger. guys acting like that are the lowest lifeforms you can imagine. Any decent man would respect his women, treat her with dignity and will always put himself behind her. trust me, when i tell you that these decent nice guys are far more dangerous then these low lifes, because if these decent guys get angry, you will experience shit you have never seen before. you want to be a retard? one advise here for you, go jump of a building, head first. MORON! do you want to find a woman who respect you, and loves you for who you are, or a women who has borderline and hole bunch of other mental problems because she is used to guys being abusive. you should feel sorry for these women and try to help them. Im gonna tell you a little personal story, i was following a bad boy around arcross town, i didnnt make it a secret that i was, and im telling you, he was lucky that the street were crowded and it was durring daytime, because if i ever cross his path during night hours, and the streets are quiet, im gonna let him experience some real pain. you see i may not strike you as the bad boy, but i can be a very unpleasant and nasty person if you trigger me. i dont go looking for you when the streets are full ill take you when no one sees it.

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